Portillo Ski Resort Chile

Over the past 60 years, Portillo has earned a reputation as an excellent destination for skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. The snow quality in Portillo is excellent and is often likened to that of the Rocky Mountains. Skiers of all skill-levels find what they are looking for on our mountain and come back year after year.

Ski weeks in Portillo are designed to allow guests the opportunity to ski, relax, let go of worry and enjoy their ski resort experience as it is nowhere else in the world.  Portillo is a place free of commercial expansion and distractions.  There is no town, no shopping centers and no Starbucks.

There is one big yellow hotel, one beautiful ski mountain, 450 guests, and 450 energetic and smiling employees to ensure a care-free vacation for our guests.

Guests arrive on Saturday and after checking-in are free to explore all of the hotel’s features or hit the mountain right away.  A hotel full of facilities and activities, and a mountain free of crowds and lines await.

Accommodation – Portillo Accommodation – Click here

Ski Area

The ski area features 1235 acres of ski-able terrain, 14 lifts and 35 runs.

There is never a lift line in Portillo. We limit the number of day tickets sold and with only 450 resort guests, it’s always smooth sailing on the mountain.

Beginner and intermediate runs are groomed nightly, off-piste runs are challenging and steep, and the powder is often deep.  The bowls and shoots perfectly collect the light, dry snow and the above-tree-line landscape turns into a white playground.  Pair this with frequently sunny, blue skies and it is easy to understand why many guests, even professional skiers, say they’ve had some of their best ski days at Portillo.


Grooming – Portillo’s slopes are groomed nightly, turning the Plateau, Juncalillo, Descenso, Bajada del Tren and other runs into perfect corduroy before morning. Beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers can appreciate the attention Portillo pays to its slope maintenance and grooming when they take their first turns every morning.

Snowmaking – Portillo normally receives bountiful snow, with an average of 24.7 feet (326 inches) per season. However, weather is never perfectly predictable so we have invested in snowmaking equipment that allows up to keep the ski centre running in certain areas.  During those rare seasons when there is low snowfall, Portillo is still a blast. People take ski lessons, advanced skiers practice their racing technique, and everyone heads to Tío Bob’s café to soak up the sun and scenery during the afternoon.

Off Piste Terrain – Using either our Roca Jack, Condor, Vizcachas or Cara Cara lifts, skiers and snowboarders can traverse – weather and avalanche risks permitting – to renowned off-piste terrain such as the Primavera and Kilometro Lanzado runs. We strongly recommend first hiring a Portillo guide to show you the terrain.  Never ski off-piste alone.

Famous Lift – The famous Va et Vient (French for ‘come and go’) lifts were built by the Poma company for Portillo’s Roca Jack, Condor, Las Vizcachas and El Cara Cara runs. These runs are steep avalanche chutes, making the use of lift towers illogical. The Va et Vients are pulleys that are anchored to the mountain above which, by way of a specially designed attachment, pull 5 skiers up the mountain side by side at once. The Va et Vient lifts are recommended for expert skiers only and although they may seem intimidating at first are actually quite simple and fun once given a try.


Beginner Beginner-Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced Expert
El PumaEl CorralitoLa Princesa ConejoLas LomasLa PrincesaBajada del Tren JuncalilloPlateauDavid’s RunDescensoLos ZorrosEl Estadio CóndorRoca JackPlateau SuperiorGargantaLas VizcachasEl Caracara


This is where guests will eat most of their meals during the week. Our Chef, Rafael Figueroa, is a master of using locally grown products to prepare beautifully presented hearty meals. There are two seatings for dinner each night, and our Maitre D’ Juan will help you and your group get situated your first visit. Families with young children always have preference for the early seating. Your table on the first day will be yours for the week, and the waiters in your section will get to know you well and will be eagerly awaiting your arrival at each meal. The dining room is a comfortable, relaxing place and offers the perfect venue to enjoy delicious food and wine while discussing the days skiing and activities with family and friends.
Mostly known for its lively atmosphere in the evening (and legendary pisco sours!), the bar is also available for eating snacks between meals in the main dining room. For a change of pace at dinner time, tables may be reserved for private sushi or fondue parties. For information about private parties in the bar, contact the head barman.
This slopeside restaurant offers stunning views of Lake Inca and the Andes that surround it. It is located at the top of the Plateau Lift. For lunch Tío Bob’s offers barbecued meats and fish and a delicious variety of salads. Tío Bob’s may be rented to host a private evening party, allowing guests to ride the chairlift and view the stars over the Andean peaks. It makes for a truly unforgettable evening. Hours: Tío Bob’s is open from 12:00-3:00 pm, weather permitting. Note: Guests who either do not wish to/or cannot ski down the Plateau run, may ride the chairlift to Tío Bob’s without skis from Monday to Friday
The Ski Box is located at the base of Las Lomas. Ski Box offers sandwiches, empanadas, snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine. The Ski Box patio is perfect for hosting a wine-tasting or après ski even. Our Food and Beverage department can help you arrange your ideal event. Hours: The Ski Box is open from 9:00- 5:00pm.
The self-service cafeteria is the dining room for Inca passengers and day visitors. The cafeteria is open four times daily; for breakfast, lunch, once (tea-time), and dinner. Hours: Breakfast: 8:00 -10:00am Lunch: 12:30 – 2:30 pm Once: 5:00 – 6:00pm Dinner: 8:00pm – 9:30 pm Children´s Dinner: 7:30 – 8 pm


Apres Ski

Each day we give guests a wide variety of activities to choose from, and during our special weeks even more options are available.

When not skiing, our gym and fitness centres allow guests to exercise and remain active.  Ping pong, billiards and foosball keep kids and adults busy in our game room, and our entertainment staff plans many daily activities just for children, which guests can find out about each day on the hotel’s bulletin boards.

Relaxation is the name of the game in our outdoor pool and hot tub where the views of the Andean sunsets are unparalleled.  And this is just the start.  Many other services and activities like the sauna, massages, the famous Portillo bar, etc. are popular and available to our guests.

You will quickly realize why this home grown resort in the Chilean Andes has be so highly regarded for so many years and why its guests grow loyal and come back year after year.  We hope you will become a part of the Portillo experience too.



In Portillo, they not only strive to provide the best skiing possible, but pride themselves on service.  They have better than a 1:1 staff to guest ratio and make it our duty to personalize our service down to the most minor detail.

You may be surprised at first when your waiter has your favourite breakfast dish waiting for you when you enter the dining room, or when the boot check guy grabs your shoes without seeing your ticket.  But you’ll get used to it.  If you’re in a bind and need a seam stitched up or a button sewn back on, a housekeeper can help – they live on each floor.


And when you find yourself chatting about snow conditions with the Owner and General Manager on welcome night, you will know that this ski vacation is going to be something unique and special.  Our great service runs throughout our staff and management.

Lastly, as a rule of thumb in Portillo, if you need anything just ask.  You will always find a smiling face eager to help.


Heli Skiing

From July to September during the Portillo ski season, depending on snow and weather conditions, guests who enjoy Heli-skiing will be offered the services of a Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopter.   Heli services are provided by the company Suma, which will allow access to fresh powder snow in the mountains that surround the resort.

Portillo will be responsible for providing a professional in charge of guiding skiers during Heli-ski trips.

1st Run  – US$290
Additional Runs –  US$195

  • Prices per person based on 4 skiers and one guide per helicopter.
  • Heli-skiing flights can accommodate 4 skiers and 1 guide (mandatory)
  • Prices include the cost for guiding service.

Heli-ski reservations  upon arrival at Portillo please contact guest services


A Day in Portillo

Guest’s day to day activities certainly vary depending on their age, skiing ability, whether travelling as a family, couple, or alone and other factors, but every day offers plenty of variety and choices.  A pretty common day could go something like this.

Wake up around 8:00 to leave plenty of time for getting ready and heading down to the main dining room for breakfast.  Enjoy the views of the mountain and lake in the morning sun and when you’re done eating it’s down to the hotel’s lower level to get your boots and skis and hit the mountain (lifts open at 9:00).  Also be sure to check the hotel’s bulletin boards for daily activities inside and out.

Don’t forget to stop by the ski school office on your way down where you can schedule a private or group lesson.  Our ski school instructors will show you all the secrets of the mountain, based upon your level and abilities, and you’ll soon feel that this is your ski resort.

If it’s a sunny day, there’s no better place to enjoy lunch than from Tio Bob’s, our mountainside restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.  Salads and grilled meat is the specialty up on the mountain, and you may enjoy a glass of wine or a beer as you take in the panoramic view of the high Andes.  Ski right down the Plateau run after lunch and enjoy the rest of your day on the hill.

Lifts close at 4:30 and 5:00.

When you head back in for the day, our ski and boot check assistants will store your equipment for the night.

Up to the room for a shower (or maybe to the outdoor hot tub first)

it’s back to the main dining room for “once”- or tea time – for some après ski nourishment before having a cocktail in the bar or lounging in the living room where you can share stories of your day with friends and other guests.  The bar and living room, both over 60 years old, may even have some stories of their own to tell.

Dinner is served at 9:30 and the options are always delicious and hearty.  Your waiter will help you decide, and if you would like seconds, they’ll be happy to bring them.  The wine list is comprehensive and the desserts are homemade.

The live band can be heard starting up in the bar as dinner comes to an end, and stopping by for at least a song or two is definitely recommended.  They play until midnight and the atmosphere is always lively – and many nights’ festivities in the bar have been known to make their way downstairs to the Disco where the party goes on until, well, until the last person leaves.

Every day in Portillo can be as different or similar to the last as you want it to be.  Variety among the relaxing and the active is what we strive to provide, and it is all there waiting to be enjoyed.